Shipping & Payment



1. Credit card (via PayPal PLUS)

We offer you a payment with e.g. the following credit cards:

  • Mastercard

  • Visacard

  • Maestrocard

  • American Express

Thanks to PayPal PLUS, you can also choose from a variety of other credit cards. The payment information will be forwarded to your credit card company and PayPal at the same time as your order. For this payment method NO PayPal account is required! PayPal only handles the transaction.


2. Direct debit

In the order processing you have the possibility to choose the method of payment direct debit thanks to PayPal PLUS. For the payment method debit NO PayPal account is required. Only the settlement is done via PayPal.


3. Cash on delivery

You pay on receipt of the goods to the postman or employee of the shipping company DHL (Deutsche Post).
The cost of the cash on delivery amount per package 7.95 euros including VAT and are limited within Germany to an amount of 2500 euros. Exempted from this are still open deliveries.
The quantity of the packages results from the number of ordered articles and the respective weight of the total order. If the maximum weight of 31.5 kg per parcel is exceeded, a further COD parcel plus COD charges will be due.


4. Invoice (via PayPal PLUS)

In the order processing you have the possibility to choose the payment method Purchase on account thanks to PayPal PLUS. For the payment method purchase on account NO PayPal account is required. Only the settlement is done via PayPal.


5. Cash in advance
When choosing cash in advance by bank transfer we grant 2% of discount. Consignment will be sent off after receipt of payment on our account on the next working day at the latest.
Please, transfer the amount to the following account:

Bank: Kreissparkasse St. Wendel
Account No: 120 5189 80
Bank Code Number: 592 510 20

IBAN: DE 18 5925 1020 0120 5189 80

Account holder: Worldwide Spirits GmbH

Reference: Order number or order confirmation number


6. Paypal

With Paypal, online shopping is quite easy. Due to the cashless payment you can pay fast and certainly with only a few clicks. Besides, you simply logs in with your email address and the password. All deposited payment data are protected always very well and are never divided - even with us as a shop assistant .

When you pay by Paypal, please send the payment (without deduction of discount) to the following account:


Consignment will be sent off after receipt of payment on our account on the next working day at the latest. The shop owner pays for the upcoming fees of Paypal.


7. DIRECTebanking

Sofortü is a new and TÜV-certified online payment system based on the best online banking with PIN / TAN entry for fast and secure processing of your online purchases. Payment made by Sofortüberweisung (=DIRECTebanking) will be dispatched by the next working day because we do not have to wait for your payment in this case. The fees from Sofortüberweisung are paid by the shop owner.


8. Amazon Payments

Interesting for all customers dispose of an Amazon account. On this occasion, you can announce yourselves with your Amazon account and pay thus your order quite simply.

With Amazon Payments you can pay with your payment and delivery information of your Amazon Account at This makes shopping with us quick, easy and safe.

If you use Amazon payments, you don't have to set up an Account, instead you can pay with the data of your Amazon Account directly. Just click on the button Checkout by Amazon in your shopping cart. After that you can choose your preferred payment method (e.g. credit card or Direct Debit) and the Shipping Address from the information in your Amazon Account and complete your purchase.

With Amazon Payments you don't have to pay additional costs. The costs and payment information will not be passed on. You can find additional information and your Order Summary reagarding Amazon Payments at



1. In general
The offer on this page is aimed at in the order process and the shipping cost calculator listed countries. Please note that there can be additional duties, import taxes and fees for deliveries to non-EU countries.
Because of the current tax laws, the shipping for the countries Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden is only for companies and trade (resellers) with a valid VAT registration number permitted.

2. Delivery times
Your order will be handled immediately, at the latest however on the next working day after receipt of the order. With method of payment chosen invoice, direct debit, and credit card, the package will be packed by us within 24 hours after receipt of the order and with Paypal and advance payment 24 hours after receipt of the payment and is collected in our company every working day by DHL.

3. Delay
Should a delay occur during the delivery, we will inform you by eMail or by telephone about it.

4. Subsequent deliveries
Should a part of the goods ordered by you be not available, these goods are supplied later free of shipping costs.

5. Delivery of the goods, providing of services
5.1 The order will be processed immediately, at the latest however on the next working day after order receipt at the supplier.
5.2 All deliveries within Germany (and mostly also abroad) are dispatched with DHL as an insured package.

5.3 The services are provided to the customer immediately, as far as no other arrangements are made. Should the service not be rendered over the internet, and should the customer not be traceable at the address stated by him, the customer gets in default with the acceptance of the ordered merchandise. He has to substitute the supplier then for the additional expenses resulting from the vain journey.

5.4 The supplier does not need to provide the promised service any more and can withdraw from the contract if the customer in spite of written agreement of a delivery date was not to be found two times consecutively.

5.5 If the supplier does not render the promised services at the agreed time, the customer can withdraw from the contract.

5.6 If the performance of an in price and qualitatively equivalent service is not possible, the supplier can contract out and the promised service does not need to be performed. The supplier commits in this case to inform the customer immediately about the non-availability and to refund a possibly already provided consideration by the customer immediately.

5.7 Paragraph 5.6 is valid only, if the supplier is not responsible for the non-availability of the promised product or service and has not guaranteed the delivery or the provision of services towards the customer.


6. Minimum order value, packaging and forwarding expenses

6.1 The provider takes over the costs for the packaging.

6.2 Forwarding expenses accrue only for the delivery of goods, with the exception of regular recurring deliveries (subscriptions).

6.3 The provider does not require a surcharge but a minimum order value of € 10 value of goods (incl. VAT.). The costs of shipping within Germany is 5,99 € per package (up to 31,5 kg). Over 31.5 kg, a second package is shipped and again the same costs like for the first package are charged.

The weight of each article or more-bottle-package is now below the price in brackets next to the base price in kg, for example: Prinz 1 bottle House liquor 1.0 l (EUR 14.95 per litre - 1.98 kg). This weight is made up of the absolute weight of items plus the average weight of the packaging material (bubble wrap, filler, cardboard box, parcel tape, etc.).

6.4 When choosing payment method cash on delivery, the cost of this payment method is 7.95 euros including VAT per package (31,5 kg). This service is limited within Germany to an amount of 2500 euros.

6.5 For the delivery of goods abroad in some cases significantly higher shipping charges are invoiced. The exact costs can vary widely (depending on distance and weight, different surcharges for example with cash on delivery, customs regulations, etc.) and are shown by the system during the ordering process.

6.6 With date or express delivery, depending on the variant, different surcharges are calculated.In Germany, up to 5 kg € 22.95, between 5 and 10 kg € 29.95, between 10 and 20 kg € 43.95 and between 20 and 30 kg 63.95 €.