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Worldwidespirits - as the name implies, we offer you an enormous selection of the finest spirits and wines from around the world.

Weinabteilung worldwidespiritsWorldwidespirits was founded as a wholesaler and retailer in the 1990s, more specifically in 1996. During its founding and early years, its focus was not primarily on spirits and wines, but rather on everyday drinks, fruity juices, and specialty beers and refreshing spritzers. High percentage and wines at that time covered rather the margins of our business.


In the following years, we were able to specialize more and more and expand our "edge assortment" continuously, until it came to a fluid role swap and our marginal range was our current core assortment.
This fluid process and the new orientation as a spirits specialist business found its first peak in 2004, when our first online shop for spirits & wine under the name www.worldwidespirits.de saw the light of the e-commerce world. With this courageous and, from today's perspective, most important step in our company history, the foundation was laid for the following years and the company's success today. The then decision to establish in the Upper Bavarian province, a liquor and wine specialty store that meets the highest standards, was initially ridiculed by many and dismissed as unrealistic. These initial concerns and doubts were gradually reduced in the following years by self-sacrificing work, the constant expansion of the assortment and several events (in-house fairs, tastings, etc.).


Loungebereich worldwidespiritsWith our large in-house exhibition in 2015, this long transformation away from the beverage market and towards the specialty store for spirits and wine then came to an end. In November of the year, the last water, beer and juice boxes left our house and after a major renovation of the sales rooms, with the installation of a feel-good lounge and associated soapstone fireplace, we were finally at the destination. We became a specialty store for spirits and wine. And today, more than 14 years after the launch of our first online-shop, with more than 2,700 different spirits and wines dating back to 1802, we are one of the best-assorted specialty stores in the entire Federal Republic of Germany. We serve customers in our specialist shop every day and ship parcels of high-quality spirits and fine wines to our customers in Germany and around the world.


We regularly enjoy visitors to our specialist shop, who travel several hours to collect long-sought specialties directly on site. In addition, we receive almost daily visits from customers who have been ordering for a long time in our online shop and want to finally take a look at our specialist shop with their own eyes on the way to vacation. Such a visit, such moments and mutual discussions with our customers at the tasting bar in our specialist shop affirm us every day in our actions and show us that our decision was the right one.


VerkostungsbarIn the team of about 20 employees, we provide perfect service both in the specialist shop in Teising and in the online shop and our ultimate goal is to satisfy YOU. Competent advice by telephone, e-mail or in person is particularly important to us, which is why you can always contact us. In this regard, we are of course particularly proud that we are awarded annually by the whiskey ambassador to one of Germany's top whiskey shops.


In order not only to maintain this status, but also to improve it in the future, we work daily on our range and our service. With our shop relaunch in September 2018, we offer you many new and exciting ways to further enhance your shopping experience. So we try for example to offer with our gift finder also online a consultation, which is natural in our specialized business in the personal discussion. In addition, numerous recommendations and clear shopping worlds await you. We hope that with our new shop we could take another step in the right direction and make your shopping experience even more enjoyable.